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Llameacuba.es represents an expert tool that aims at introducing customers to a reputable communication service. Founded as an International Telecommunication Company, this centre has been registered as Camtel Communications, Inc and provides an innovative system that allows users to initiate international phone calls towards Cuba or towards any other location around the world based on a package that associates low rates with high voice quality. The reason that led to the foundation of this company and its system is the ever increasing demand on the market and the amplified exposure received by this service. Thus, if the mission of this package is to provide performance, precision and flexibility, the mission of this company is to initiate and maintain long term collaboration relationship with all customers. To this end, LlameCuba.es has developed a private application, Camptel Phone, a remarkable system that can be downloaded, installed and used on three fundamental sources: phone, mobile phones and computer.

Consequently, the approach or access to this service can be accomplished through the medium of four different ways: - By using an access number offered by this company: the customer enters Access MLS section and find his/her country’s code or number, which later on can be automatically used to dial and make phone calls - By using computers: users will install the application Camtel Phone, make an account and log in; in this case the computer should be accompanied by two essential accessories: microphone and headphones - By using the browser: the client will create an online account on this platform, log in, press the call button and start dialing; this approach requires the previously mentioned accessories as well - By using a Smartphone, iPhone or Blackberry: users install application, and insert their username and password in order to log in and start dialing.

In fact, to gain a clear image about the system, the team of specialists behind this website has created a special section como llamar a Cuba that presents common questions and answers, details about configuration, payment methods, data security and many other relevant guidelines and instructions.

Moreover, this user friendly platform offer users the possibility to enroll to a virtual tour of the website, ask question, contact representative staff members, register or create an account and login. Needless to say, since this communication service doesn’t require contracts or membership fees, the registering form hosted by this web tool includes a set of essential contact details such as: name, user name, address, country, phone number, key number and other similar aspects. Thus, as soon as these steps have been completed, customers can use either of these alternatives to make phone calls in Cuba or in other locations. As a matter of fact, in order to find out specific rates, users can use the search engine program that will display costs based on destination and prefix. Furthermore, this private network is intended to simplify international calling procedures for customers worldwide, a mission that has extended with the program llamar a Cuba barato that can reduce bills with approximately 97%. In conclusion Llameacuba.es presents the activity and services of one of the most reputable International Telecommunication Companies.

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